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Huntington Window Line in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia

Huntington Window Line in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia

The Finely Crafted Huntington Line Installed by Cosello Construction

Cosello Construction only wants what’s best for you, so when it comes to providing you with quality windows, we have our good friends at for help.

The Huntington line consists of finely-crafted vinyl window replacement options that improve the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your home. They boast superior strength and durability, as well as provide you with increased indoor comfort. They’re constructed to perfectly fit the shape of the window openings, eliminating the possibilities of drafts and moisture damage. Plus, they’re easy to use, so you’ll never have to exert too much energy to open and close them.

Additional Huntington Window Information

Window Features

  • Heavy duty bug screen frame with fiberglass mesh
  • Six-degree welded sloped sill for optimal water runoff
  • Foam-filled, multi-chambered sash and frame for insulation
  • Vinyl surfaces that are designed to be virtually maintenance free
  • Fusion-welded sashes and frames give the windows superior strength
  • Can prevent air leaks and water infiltration thanks to the dual-weather, sealed-reinforced interlocking system

Window Benefits

  • Contributes to LEED credits
  • Provides up to 99.5% UV protection
  • Reduces solar heat gain to increase home comfort during summer
  • Features Glass™ and suspended film technology that boosts thermal performance

If you’re interested in this window line, contact Cosello Construction today. We can help you look for a Huntington window style that fits your home’s aesthetic and your budget. We’ll also have our fully licensed and certified technicians take care of the installation process. When you hire us, your window shopping experience will definitely be hassle-free.

Give us a call at 856-249-9372 for more information and a free estimate. Cosello Construction serves properties in Greater New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia.

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