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How Much To Budget

The first item for you, as a homeowner, to consider is a budget for new windows. This can become a significant factor in the ultimate choice of windows, as window prices will vary greatly. A concern may be that without having a window contractor come to your home and give you a price, you don’t really know just how much to budget. For now, it’s best to focus on what you want from new windows: energy savings, aesthetics, ease of use, and ease of cleaning all seem to be primary concerns. Decide exactly how many windows you wish to replace, if not all. Consider the look and style of your present windows and determine whether you want to replace them with a newer style and type, or keep the same style but simply upgrade to the newer, more energy efficient windows. Every home is unique. After years of enduring weather changes, no two homes are really the same.

Many factors must be considered in order to give an accurate price for window installation. Without seeing your present windows, there is no way to receive an accurate price for replacement. For example, removing a steel window from a masonry opening is much more difficult than extracting a wood double hung window from a stud opening. Plus, many homes may have windows with surrounding wood damage that needs to be replaced or simply updated before a new window can be installed. Having someone physically view your existing windows removes all questions in the evaluation, allows for accurate pricing, and provides you with all the information you need to establish your budget for the replacement windows. Having a qualified window contractor sit down with you and give you pricing is the next step. Make sure you inquire about financing. Some contractors offer in-house financing with no payments or interest for up to one full year.

But before inviting a contractor to your home, make sure the visit will be at no cost or obligation whatsoever. The reputable window contractor will agree to this readily, without hesitation, and proceed to set a mutually agreeable appointment time. Once the contractor arrives, after the introductions, immediately state clearly the results you want from your new windows. Relay how many windows you are considering replacing, show the windows to be replaced, and then ask what brand, type, and style windows would be best for your situation. Make sure you go over different options and state clearly the results you want from your new windows. If you have questions, now is the time to speak up.

Take as much time as you need. After all, you’re the one considering and ultimately paying to have new windows installed. Another important aspect of hiring someone to replace your windows is the need to feel comfortable in their presence. If you’re not comfortable with them now, you won’t be comfortable later. Also, consider that the contractor will have their installers working in and around your home, your castle. You’ll certainly want to feel at ease about letting them work there. Ask who exactly will be doing the installing. If they do not know or hedge answering this question, it may be a signal that you’re dealing with “Chuck on a truck,” and perhaps not a very reputable company.

Andrew and his team were amazing! The project took several days (demolish and rebuild a staircase and supporting wall). They were on time EVERY day and truly cared about my property. They hung plastic and ensured that the dirt/dust from the project did not permeate the rest of the house.

From the very beginning, Andrew Cosello was professional and knowledgeable. He gave us a fair and appropriate estimate for the job. He communicated well with us throughout the entire job – from informing us as to when the job would begin as well as updates about how long the job would take.

After receiving 7 quotes for the project, we hired Cosello Construction. Cosello’s quote was not the cheapest or the most expensive. We feel that we got what we paid for by hiring Cosello Construction: quality craftmanship, experience, and an industry professional. Cosello Construction worked with our architectural plans and completed the work masterfully.

Andrew and his assistants do excellent work. We had them do major renovations on our investment property, so we hired him for some minor work in our own home. We were very pleased with the work done on both properties and would recommend them to a friend or relative without hesitation.