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The Vinyl Window Contractor You Can Trust

At Cosello Construction, we realize that purchasing vinyl windows is an investment that homeowners do not take lightly. That is why we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality vinyl windows services of any contractor in the PA and NJ area. Whether it’s installing a new set of bay windows or replacing your old double hung windows, our level of craftsmanship and range of expertise is unmatched by any of our competitors.

We offer professional vinyl window installation and replacement services to residents living in:

  • Philadelphia County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Mercer County, NJ
  • Burlington County, NJ
  • Camden County, NJ
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Installation Service

The first step to a successful vinyl window installation is choosing the right set of windows. With so many styles and functionalities to choose from, it can be hard for homeowners to settle on one type of window. To get a better idea of the options available to you, let’s explore some of the most popular vinyl windows on the market:

Casement Windows

This style of window features a cranking-arm mechanism that works similarly to a door. With hinges on one side that allow the window to swing out on the other side, casement windows offer easy access to fresh air. If ventilation and energy efficiency are your top priorities, then casement windows are exactly what you need.

Single & Double Hung Windows

Most homeowners are very familiar with this style of window because it happens to be one of the most common and popular styles. With a single hung window, only the bottom panel opens but on double hung windows both panels move up and down freely. This classic style features a tilt functionality that makes cleaning them a breeze!

Picture Windows

The picture window is very befitting of this style of window because it gives homes a burst of natural light and clean views of the landscape. While picture windows do not open, they can be combined with other window styles such as casement windows to produce airflow.

Bow and Bay Windows

If you appreciate beautiful design and architecture, then bow and bay windows are a sight to behold. This style of window features an architectural design that can add character to your home’s exteriors by giving it an elegant curb appeal.

No matter what style of vinyl windows you choose, our team of expert installers are ready to give your home a fresh new look. Book a FREE estimate today to get started on your home’s vinyl window project!

Replacement Services

One myth about windows that many homeowners believe is that windows never have to be replaced unless they’re broken. While vinyl windows are durable and will last a very long time, they will have to be replaced at some point. If your windows meet any of the following criteria, then it may be time to schedule an appointment with one of the professional window installers at Cosello Construction:

  • Over 15-20 years old
  • Damaged or warped
  • Drafty
  • Let in lots of outside noise
  • Have an outdated appearance

Are your windows causing your energy bill to rise? No problem! We offer energy efficient window installation replacement services to homeowners throughout PA and NJ. With new energy efficient windows, our contractors can help you can save a ton on your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Get Your Free Estimate Today! Whether you’re interested in booking our vinyl window installation or replacement services, our contractors are ready to help you transform your home’s exterior. If you live in Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Mercer County, Burlington County, or Camden County and are in need of vinyl windows contact us today to schedule a FREE estimate.

Andrew and his team were amazing! The project took several days (demolish and rebuild a staircase and supporting wall). They were on time EVERY day and truly cared about my property. They hung plastic and ensured that the dirt/dust from the project did not permeate the rest of the house.

From the very beginning, Andrew Cosello was professional and knowledgeable. He gave us a fair and appropriate estimate for the job. He communicated well with us throughout the entire job – from informing us as to when the job would begin as well as updates about how long the job would take.

After receiving 7 quotes for the project, we hired Cosello Construction. Cosello’s quote was not the cheapest or the most expensive. We feel that we got what we paid for by hiring Cosello Construction: quality craftmanship, experience, and an industry professional. Cosello Construction worked with our architectural plans and completed the work masterfully.

Andrew and his assistants do excellent work. We had them do major renovations on our investment property, so we hired him for some minor work in our own home. We were very pleased with the work done on both properties and would recommend them to a friend or relative without hesitation.