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Heat Mirror™ insulating glass incorporates Heat Mirror™ films that are coated by Southwall Technologies, a company that introduced the world’s first commercially produced low-e glass. For over 35 years, Heat Mirror™ thermal windows have been used around the world in window replacements in family homes as well as small and big businesses in Bucks and Philadelphia County, PA, as well as Mercer, Camden, and Burlington County in NJ.

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What is Heat Mirror Technology?

Heat Mirror™film technology uses nanoscale layers of metal which reflect heat back to its source, hence the name: Heat Mirror™. Inert gases are also added to create Heat Mirror™ insulating glass units with industry-leading performance.

Coated Heat Mirror™ films are often used in conjunction with low-emissivity glass. By choosing this option, homeowners will receive the benefits of both the Heat Mirror™ film and the infrared and ultraviolet light minimizing effects of the glass.

Benefits of Replacement Thermal Windows

UV Protection

Heat Mirror™ thermal windows block up to 99.5% of the sun’s destructive UV rays, resulting in fading protection for your furniture, paintings, drapes, and carpeting. The film also promotes optimal plant growth.

Condensation Control

Condensation is a telltale sign that heat may be escaping through your windows. Proper installation of Heat Mirror™ thermal windows by our knowledgeable contractors helps combat condensation from forming, which is a major benefit for computer rooms, spa enclosures, or other high-humidity rooms. Condensation can not only ruin your view, but it can also stain your windows and destroy wall coverings.

Improved Comfort

Even when the temperatures outside are very low, Heat Mirror™ technology reduces drafts and chilly spots near windows, keeping your home the temperature you want it. Heat Mirror™’s technology also offers noise reduction to help maintain a quiet internal environment.

Energy Efficiency

Heat Mirror™ thermal windows are four times more effective than your standard double pane glass in reducing heat loss. In the summer when you experience overheating in your rooms, Heat Mirror™ thermal windows prevent your rooms from getting too hot, and in turn reducing air conditioning costs and lowering HVAC requirements. These savings provide home and business owners a return on their investment. Additionally, by saving energy, you’ll also be lowering your carbon footprint and saving the environment.

Why Choose Cosello Construction?

Cosello Construction is a family-owned and operated business devoted to providing quality home remodeling and home renovation services such as energy efficient window installation and window replacements for commercial and residential customers in PA and NJ. If you’re interested in replacing your windows with Heat Mirror™ thermal windows, contact the skilled window installers at Cosello Construction today. Our window contractors will guide you through the process, showing you which pieces fit your needs and budget. Afterward, we’ll have our contractors deliver and install your new replacement windows for you.

Experience hassle-free window services today. Just give us a call or email us for a free estimate. The energy efficient window installers at Cosello Construction help residential and commercial properties in Bucks and Philadelphia County, PA, or Mercer, Camden and Burlington County in NJ, and are ready to help you with your project!

Andrew and his team were amazing! The project took several days (demolish and rebuild a staircase and supporting wall). They were on time EVERY day and truly cared about my property. They hung plastic and ensured that the dirt/dust from the project did not permeate the rest of the house.

From the very beginning, Andrew Cosello was professional and knowledgeable. He gave us a fair and appropriate estimate for the job. He communicated well with us throughout the entire job – from informing us as to when the job would begin as well as updates about how long the job would take.

After receiving 7 quotes for the project, we hired Cosello Construction. Cosello’s quote was not the cheapest or the most expensive. We feel that we got what we paid for by hiring Cosello Construction: quality craftmanship, experience, and an industry professional. Cosello Construction worked with our architectural plans and completed the work masterfully.

Andrew and his assistants do excellent work. We had them do major renovations on our investment property, so we hired him for some minor work in our own home. We were very pleased with the work done on both properties and would recommend them to a friend or relative without hesitation.