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Garden Windows in Greater New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia

Garden Window Installation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware

A garden window is one of the few windows that give your home dimension. These windows are designed to extend outward into external areas, capturing light and pleasant air flow from several directions. It contains shelf space that can accommodate plants, spices, and other decorations. Because of this, they’re often installed over the sink but they can be placed anywhere in your home.

However, garden windows are greatly exposed to the elements so it’s crucial that you buy quality pieces that exhibit superior durability. Thankfully, you can find the perfect garden window for your Greater New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia property at Cosello Construction.

At Cosello Construction, we are a proud dealer and distributor of high-grade garden windows. Our options are manufactured by well-known and trusted window lines like Huntington and Williamsport. Plus, the following features and options are included in every piece:

Window Features

  • Provides maximum ventilation due to the side casements that are hinged on the outboard jamb
  • Improved aesthetics and quality thanks to 1-1/8” premium grade cabinetmaker quality birch and oak veneer
  • A built-in weep system and external glazing for both deadlites and vents
  • A snap-in sill cover seat board
  • Exterior grade plywood headboard has improved thermal and structural performance. Support brackets are no longer needed
  • Come in standard and custom garden window jamb depths for precise applications

Sash Features

  • Sashes are conveniently mounted inside the front area for easy access
  • Windows are sealed to prevent air leaks and water infiltration
  • Come with twin sealing, fully screened, and operating casements with external glazing for improved weather resistance and protection
  • Has a multi-point locking system to provide tighter seal and increased security


  • High-performance Low-E and V-groove glass options
  • A variety of grid designs and patterns
  • Insulation board with R-5 value rating that can be installed under the seat board. This increases the R-value to 6.22. This is highly recommended and required for all painted units
  • An additional adjustable glass shelf with polished brackets, edges, and standards
Garden Window Installation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware

When you’re ready to introduce a garden window into your home, contact Cosello Construction. We will gladly deliver your new windows and install them for you. It’s crucial that you let our fully licensed and certified technicians handle the task. Our procedure ensures that the windows are properly in place and don’t encounter damage upon installation. Give us a call at 856-249-9372 today for a free estimate.